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You might not have thought much about your lawn being competitive, but trees, plants, and grass all rely on a common resource of soil. Underneath our feet, their roots intermingle and contend for water and nutrients (This is one of the reasons for staying on top of fertilization.).

This interdependency makes it important to care for each piece of your landscape so that all of your landscape thrives. Abundant Tree Care is your local Marion arborist, carefully trained in diagnosing and treating both particular and broader issues that could be affecting your lawn.

Contact us if you suspect any of the following obstacles are affecting the health and growth of your trees, plants, and turf.

Diseases and Insects: Biotic vs. Abiotic

Biotic stresses include insects and infectious diseases such as fungi, viruses, and bacteria. Abiotic (or non-infectious) diseases are more common in urban areas and include compacted soil, pollutants, nutrient deficiencies, and drought. The moment you notice something abnormal in your tree’s appearance, you’ll want to carefully explore what – or who – might be behind it. Look for patterns, examine the landscape and the roots, and check the trunk and branches.

Tree and Turf Competition

When selecting trees that will play nice with your turf (and vice versa), look for a species that is small with an open canopy, allowing sunlight to come through. You’ll also want to avoid trees that root near the surface (dodging disastrous run-ins with the lawn mower). Put adequate space in between your plants to keep competition for water and light at a minimum. Some plants can even release chemicals in the soul that will restrict the growth of their neighbors. Regular pruning also helps provide extra light for turf establishment.

Misbehaving Mulch

Mulch is an effective application for trees in your landscape. The benefits include soil moisture retention, improve soil porosity, and nutrient cycling. However, it is important to use the proper materials and practices for positive impact. On wet soils, thick mulch can lead to excess moisture, causing root rot. Some mulches can affect soil pH and could lead to nutrient deficiencies or toxic buildups. Mulch piled high against trunks can create an attractive habitat for rodents that like to chew on bark.

We realize that sometimes the various potential problems can seem a little overwhelming, but there are tons of resources out there. Our dedicated team at Abundant Tree Care will continue to provide further education and would love to work with you in formulating a plan for care so that every one of your trees, plants, and turfs are thriving abundantly on your landscape!

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