Abundant Tree Team

Living the Abundantly Thankful Life

With Thanksgiving swiftly approaching, many of us have begun to think about thankfulness. It is great to have a holiday to remember God’s wonderful provisions to our forefathers and to us. But let’s be real. Maintaining a mindset of true gratitude is a very difficult task!

Why is this? In thinking through the answer to this question for my own life, this is what I have come up with:

It is easier to complain than to be thankful – Whether it’s the uncomfortably cold temperatures or the many forms of resistance to our plans, it is so easy to lose sight of the abundant blessings around and in our lives. If we kept track of the groaning and unnecessary squabbling that goes on in our heads on a daily basis, we would likely be quite appalled at the amount of ingratitude revealed.

We are not living up to our calling and purpose- When we fail to practice life-giving habits such as keeping up with our physical wellness or pouring into our relationships with loved ones, we lack peace. We have each been given such a precious life; if it’s out of order due to poor decisions and lack of discipline, we can start small to make those changes that bring peace again and allow for gratitude in our lives.

We think too much about ourselves and too little about serving others – A heart of compassion that leads to service stirs up gratitude like nothing else. Instead of thinking about our own problems which generally leads to complaining (see No. 1), focusing on how to be a servant at home, work, church, or local organizations is a great way to develop a thankful heart.

So how can we better develop hearts of gratitude? Let’s stop complaining about our lives and turn our thoughts to all the good. Turn off the T.V., read an inspirational book, surround yourself with positive people, and find ways to serve others!

Practicing gratitude is not just a good idea; it is the way of life that leads to abundance.

Just as we enter a time of rest over the holiday season, so do our trees enjoy their own time off from all their growing and shedding. The late-fall dormant season is a fantastic time for pruning. We’ll share our cold-season tips with you very soon.  Of course, the Abundant Tree Care team is happy to offer you our trimming and pruning servicesContact us anytime and we’ll come to you for a free consultation