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Professional Tree Care Services 

At Abundant Tree Care Services, LLC, we understand that trees play a crucial role in creating a vibrant and inviting outdoor environment. Whether you need routine maintenance, tree removal, or plant and tree disease treatment, our experienced team is dedicated to delivering top-quality results with unmatched customer service.

Our team of highly trained arborists offers comprehensive tree care solutions to enhance the health, beauty, and safety of your trees and landscape. Reach out to our team as soon as possible to schedule tree care services in West Frankfort, IL, and the surrounding areas.

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Comprehensive Tree Maintenance and Removal in West Frankfort

  • Tree Trimming and Pruning: Regular tree trimming and pruning are essential for maintaining the health, shape, and aesthetics of your trees. Our skilled arborists will assess the specific needs of your trees and employ proper pruning techniques to remove dead, diseased, or overgrown branches, promoting healthy growth and improving overall tree vitality.
  • Tree Removal: When a tree becomes a safety hazard or poses a threat to your property, our expert team is here to provide safe and efficient tree removal services. Using advanced equipment and techniques, we carefully remove trees while minimizing disruption to your landscape and ensuring the safety of your surroundings.
  • Plant & Tree Disease Treatment: Our arborists are well-versed in tree health care, offering services such as tree fertilization, insect and disease management, and deep root feeding. We will assess the condition of your trees, provide appropriate treatments, and develop a tailored plan to improve their overall health and resilience.
  • Stump Removal: After a tree has been removed, unsightly stumps can remain as tripping hazards and obstacles to landscaping. Our stump grinding and removal services effectively eliminate stumps, allowing you to reclaim your space and create a clean, visually appealing outdoor area.

Why Choose Abundant Tree Care Services, LLC?

  • Professional Expertise: Our team consists of certified arborists and skilled technicians who possess extensive knowledge and expertise in all aspects of tree care. With years of experience in the industry, we have the necessary skills to handle any tree service project with precision and efficiency.
  • Safety and Efficiency: Safety is our utmost priority. Our team is trained in industry best practices and follows strict safety protocols to protect both your property and our crew. We utilize state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to ensure efficient and safe tree services.
  • Affordable Solutions: We believe that high-quality tree services should be accessible to everyone. Our pricing is competitive, and we offer flexible payment options to accommodate your budget. We strive to provide the best value for your investment in tree care.

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For professional tree services in West Frankfort, IL, and the surrounding areas, trust Abundant Tree Care Services, LLC. Our dedicated team is passionate about trees and committed to delivering exceptional results.  

Contact us today to schedule a consultation and let us help you maintain the health, beauty, and safety of your trees and landscape!


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  • Leading Safety Standards

    We arrive at every job fully equipped to handle the project right the first time - Safely and completely!

  • Highly Trained Arborists

    Our team of certified specialists is looking forward to meeting you and improving the health of your trees.

  • Excellent Communication

    We're easy to get ahold of because we always answer the phone! We value your time and your business.

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    We may not always be the cheapest but we truly believe that you get what you pay for. Our prices are honest & fair.

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    We embrace the idea of Living Abundantly and always strive to add value to the community with the work we do.

  • We Live By The Golden Rule

    It's goes deeper than just good customer service. We treat our customers the way we would like to be treated.


  • “Made and kept commitment dates for both the estimate and actual tree trimming work. Removed 6" to 8" limbs growing towards or hanging over the roof of house. Quoted a fair price and completed the work ...”

    - David A.
  • “Abundant Tree Care Services did great work for my wife and I. They quoted us lower than all other tree care companies for the same type of job, were on time and cleaned up well. The tree, a gingko ...”

    - Brian P.
  • “Very pleased with the work and price for services from Abundant Tree Care Services. I have used them to cut a dead tree and also to trim trees. Always good results and never a mess left in my yard. ...”

    - Lori F.
  • “Contracted to trim branches back from my house, my neighbor's house, and a power line. Quite satisfied with the work done and they charged no more than was estimated. Also informed me of some roof ...”

    - Charles H.
  • “We had a couple of trees removed and one trimmed. The service was excellent and they even cleaned up the mess afterwards. Took about 3 hours. The guys who performed the work had a lot of experience ...”

    - Kevin E.