Two trees with sun behind them

The Pains of Hiring a Tree Care Company

Have you ever worked with a tree care company before? If not, what are some of the concerns you have about hiring the right company? If you have worked with a tree care company before, how did it go? These are questions I ask my clients regularly for two reasons. First, when I step on their property, I want to know what is most important to someone, that way I can serve their needs well. Secondly, one of the desires of Abundant Tree Care is to build lasting relationships with people and their trees. Understanding the pain a person feels about their trees and the concern they have about hiring a company is essential for building lasting relationships!

So, what are some of the pain points I hear from my clients about why they hire a tree care company? A common theme is safety. Ensuring everyone can play safely is a top priority for my clients, especially If they have kids or grandkids. Additionally, if you have big trees around your house, keeping them off your house is a reasonable goal for all! Once a person realizes they must get that deadwood out of their tree, or that the huge old unstable tree on the corner of the house needs to be removed, property owners want confidence the company they hire will take care of them. Factors such as price, quality of work, technical aptitude, and conflict resolution are central issues for building a trusted tree care relationship.

Next, and a little closer to the heart, people know how valuable their landscape is, but often find a dead tree or become sick at looking at the same mess in their backyard, after 20 years! These issues, tree health and property aesthetics, are a cause for loss of sleep for some people at the worst and for others, at least a slight irritation. How many times have I heard someone say, “you mean you could have saved my tree, and now I am spending how many thousands of dollars? And what do I get out of it?” Yep, that about sums it up! Of course, all trees have a life span, and not all can be saved, but establishing a relationship with a company that employs Certified Arborists and that has extensive technical experience is a means to mitigate loss of landscape value and to provide counsel for landscape enhancement.

There are A LOT of tree care companies out there! Some use a pick-up truck and a trailer, and learned to use a chain saw on the farm. In some situations, hiring a company like this may be the best option. However, for a lifetime relationship, talking with a company like Abundant Tree Care makes more sense. We focus energy into training, team building, and have the technical experience you can trust to build a lasting relationship that takes the pain out of hiring a tree care company.