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Three Trees to Plant this Earth & Arbor Day

This weekend we celebrate our magnificent home on Earth Day. A week later it’s all about the trees during America’s observed Arbor Day (April 29th). Abundant Tree Care would like to encourage you to take this opportunity to bring up more beauty with a variety of plants and trees.

If you’re in need of some ideas on which tree to plant, we’ve listed the details on three great options below. Contact our team with any questions.

(Great News: You can get a couple of the below trees, plus some others, for FREE at the Marion Nature Center on Saturday, April 22, from 9am-1pm.)

White Dogwood   Cornus Florida}

partial shade; moist, well-drained soil.

height:  20-30′    spread:  15-20′

Tough and stunning, the Dogwood is an excellent landscape choice in all four seasons. Flowers are showy in spring. Leaves turn red-purple in fall. Glossy red fruits attract winter songbirds.The inner bark of the flowering dogwood root contains the alkaloid cornin which Native Americans used as a treatment for malaria.

Eastern Redbud   Cercis Canadenisis}

shade-full sun; high drought tolerance, few pests, low salt tolerance  

height:  20-30′    spread:  25-35′

Judas Iscariot was said to have hanged himself on a close relative after betraying Christ. The blooms of the tree, originally white, were said to have turned pink with shame or blood. Folk healers used the bark of eastern redbud to treat diarrhea and leukemia. The light magenta flowers are edible and look and taste great on fresh salads.

American Hornbeam  Carpinus Caroliniana}

shade-full sun

height:  30′    spread:  25′

The wood on this tree is one of the hardest in our area. It is smooth and appears muscular.  Other common names for this tree are ironwood and blue beech. This tree is an excellent easement or median tree and tolerates the shade of other trees.