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Plant More Trees… Far Away from Power Lines

Abundant Tree Care, along with countless other outdoor enthusiasts, has always proudly encouraged everyone to Plant More Trees! However, we are equally as fanatic about living safely and happily in our homes and neighborhoods; This just requires a little extra awareness in the locations of our planting.

When we’re excited about adding new trees to our landscape, we can often not think much about where we’re digging until that later moment when we find ourselves stumbling in the dark looking for candles and throwing out all the spoiled food from our lifeless fridge. And this is why we encourage you, as you plant more trees… Stay away from power lines!

Trees that grow up near power lines bring up with them all sorts of big risks, and you’ll be creating extra, unnecessary, and dangerous work that’s simply not worth it. And aesthetically speaking, if a tree has to be pruned around lines, it will end up looking really awkward. (If you do have a perfect spot picked out near a power line and nothing else will do, there are some species that are more likely to be a safe bet. We’ve included a link to those at the bottom of this post).

If it’s too late for the warning and you are now seeking to care for your trees that have grown up around lines, please call your local qualified arborists who have special training and tools to get the job done safely. Without the proper tools and training, a person can easily be electrocuted, injured, or even killed, and you’ll be put at a major legal risk.

After a Storm

If you’ve experienced a bad storm, there are a few things to look out for. In addition to the obvious threat of downed power lines, alert your power company (and arborists) if you see trees that are leaning towards or have come into contact with power lines, have blown over near power lines. 

Underground Lines

Don’t assume you’re in the clear if you don’t see anything above ground. A lot of utility services run below ground and can be impacted by wide-spreading roots of trees. Before you plant, call your utility company and make sure you are aware of the existence and/or locations of any underground utilities in order to avoid serious injury or service interruption. 

Finally, If you must plant in the proximity of a power line, the ultimate mature spread and height of the tree must fit within the available space beneath and beside the lines.  Here are a few options.

Abundant Tree Care takes safety very seriously. Our arborists go through extensive training so that we can care for your landscape and homes at our absolute best. We offer assistance in plantingpruning, and general tree care. Contact us anytime with questions or to schedule a time for us to come by. We look forward to meeting you and helping care for your home.