Abundant Tree Team

The Abundant Tree Life: Staying Safe

When it comes to climbing trees on customer property, safety is of immeasurable value – for both your family and ours.

Part of our mission to live abundantly is believing in and building a culture that is more than just checking off the boxes. While we are faithful to adhere to the required ANSI and OSHA standards, our commitment to safe practice comes from a deep care for the health and wellness of each other. What this means for Abundant Tree Care is weekly safety meetings and regular training. What this means for you is worry-free home improvement entrusted to a dedicated, careful team.

Just a few (of many) of the preventative safety methods we employ are:

  • Assessing the site for any falling object hazards as well as any sloped or uneven ground where ladders or equipment might be used
  • Identifying the types of trees involved and the unique hazards related to respective structure
  • Fitting and providing personal protective equipment and training arborists in proper use
  • Using only the most well-maintained equipment including ladders and aerial lifts in addition to using an arborist climbing line
  • Keeping proper distance from power lines and electrical equipment

Any Questions? Need some safely performed tree care in your lawn? Get in touch!