Abundant Tree Team

Winter is a Great Time to Plant Trees!

As the cold rolls in – and then rolls out and then rolls in again – and we’ve been busy draping lights over the greenery inside our homes, many homeowners might assume they’ll have wait until the next season to plant new trees. But in fact, winter is a great time to plant as trees are dormant and, newly planted, they do not incur nearly as much damage to the root system as they might during the growing season.

Our team at Abundant Tree Care is ready to help you find the perfect trees for your landscape and assist you in planting for optimal growth this winter. With proper care- such as we’ve noted below- you’ll see swelling buds and a lush tree canopy right as Spring announces itself.

Tips: Caring for your baby trees in the winter.

  • Don’t mess too much with the soil. You can add a little compost and bone meal, but wait until Spring to add fertilizer.
  • Keep them hydrated: New trees and shrubs are in danger of drying out in the cold. Keep them watered every week or two, especially right before a heavy freeze.
  • Hands off: The cold will provide enough of its own stresses so hold off on pruning and be very gentle with the roots. If you have to prune, only remove those limbs which are broken or damaged.
  • No added salt please: When January and February brings the ice, avoid using rock salt-based ice melt near new trees. It interferes with the roots and keeps them from absorbing water, oxygen and nutrients.
  • Add Mulch: Mulch will provide insulation for newly planted shrubs and trees. Take it a step further and wrap the plants with burlap on cold nights (but be sure to uncover in the morning).