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Tree Pruning Tools Arborists Use

Pro Tree Pruning Tools

The 1st step of doing great tree trimming is having the right tools. Great tree trimming can’t be done with a pair of scissors or a hack saw because the right tools keep the tree healthy and looking great. The best reason to have the right tools is your safety because you can’t take care of your trees unless you take care of yourself.

Anvil Hand Pruning Shears –These small, hand-held shears have just one blade, which cuts as it closes onto a flat surface. The best time to use these shears is when you have very small, easy-to-reach branches with a diameter of half inch or less. Reserving these shears for cutting smaller, dried & dead twigs or small branches is best.

A less common pruning tool are bypass hand pruning shears. Similar in capabilities to anvil shears the bypass shears have 2 sharp cutting blades used for more precise cutting for those that insist on a clean, sharp cut.

Limb Loppers – Loppers are similar to hand shears, but they have longer handles and bigger blades. These longer handles give you more leverage for larger branches. Most loppers can effectively cut branches up to two inches in diameter.  Use loppers for easy to reach branches that are too thick or a little hard to reach with shears.

Long Pole Saw Pruners Combination – This is a great tree trimming tool as it gives you access to most branches up to 20′ off the ground. The long pole pruner feature allows you to get access to 1/2″ branches then the saw component gives you the ability to cut larger limbs with some patience.

Pruning Saws – Pruning saws are at the top of the arborist’s favorite tools. Pruning saws are similar to traditional hand saws but specifically made for tree pruning. The best time to use pruning saws are when a branch is within reach but loppers can’t handle the job. A pruning saw will aggressively cut through most any size but leave under 2″ to shears and then the sky is the limit. When you get past 6″ though you may find your arm or hands give out and it might be time for a chain saw.

Chain Saws – To trim a tree and do it in a timely fashion a gas powered chain saw can do the work in a lot less time than shears or saws. That being said it’s important to maintain your chain saw, keep it well oiled, and sharpen the blades after every major use to ensure maximum efficiency.

Wood Chippers – Now that you’ve gotten serious about tree trimming you’ve got a lot of limbs and branches to clean up. A wood chipper makes clean up quick and easy how so you don’t have to look at old branches for weeks in your yard.

Tree Pruning Safety

If you decide to take on trimming your own trees make sure safety is your 1st priority. Here’re some safety tips you should follow before you get out the shears and fire up the chain saw.

  • All tree trimming or removal work within ten feet of a power line must be done by trained and experienced line-clearance tree trimmers.
  • Do not trim trees in dangerous weather conditions.
  • Perform a hazard assessment of the work area before starting work.
  • Get trained on proper chain saw us age before you operate one.
  • Do not climb with tools in your hands.
  • If broken trees are under pressure, determine the direction of the pressure and make small cuts to release it.

These and more tree pruning safety tips from OSHA can be found in their Tree Trimming and Safety Removal Guide.

If pruning your trees is not how you want to spend your weekend then give us a call. We’d love to discuss your trees and shrubs care. At Abundant Tree Care Services we want to help you keep a safe property and sustain your trees so you enjoy them for generations.

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